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For Teachers

NC Eats is designed as a teaching tool that introduces students to the process of historical investigation and the types of resources that historians use. Ultimately, students are able to create their own online exhibits in The Classroom using reference articles in The Library to contextualize primary sources available in The Archive. The Museum serves as a place for students to see historical interpretation and argument in action.

The Classroom teaches advanced skills in historical interpretation and is best suited for high school students and college students. However, we also encourage eighth grade Social Studies teachers to use the resources available on the site as they teach the history of North Carolina. The teaching strategies incorporated into The Classroom draw on the SCIM-C model of historical inquiry developed by Peter Doolittle, David Hicks, and Tom Ewing at Virginia Tech. For more information about this approach, please visit Historical Inquiry

NC Eats dovetails with the State of North Carolina’s new American History curriculum standards, which place stronger emphasis on thinking critically about history. To download a PDF of the NC Essential Standards for American History II, click here.

NC Eats fits best with the following Essential Standard for American History II:

Apply the four interconnected dimensions of historical thinking to the American History Essential Standards in order to understand the creation and development of the United States over time.

Analyze key political, economic and social turning points in American History using historical thinking.

Analyze how conflict and compromise have shaped politics, economics and culture in the United States.

Understand the impact of war on American politics, economics, society and culture.

Analyze the relationship between progress, crisis and the “American Dream” within the United States.