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Analyze a Primary Source


In this activity you are going to look at a primary source in order to analyze it within its historical context. Try to remember as you look at the document not to apply any of your own interpretations or beliefs to your analysis. That part will come later in this process.

[I still need to choose which document to use here.]

What can you find out about this document through simple analysis?

[once Rachel and I decide what to do here, there will be a way for students to type in answers to these questions so they won't be standing alone in this stupid way.]

What is the date that this source was created on?

Who was the author or creator of this source?

What audience do you think this source was created for?

Why do you think this source was created? What was its purpose?

What aspects of this document do you think are most important?

What are your general observations of this document as a whole?