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Here you can find brief articles that provide very basic information on topics that will help you understand the ways in which North Carolina State University has influenced the way North Carolinians eat. To use The Library, simply select one of the terms on right to learn more.

Libraries are good places to learn about history because they offer many different types of materials that can help answer historical questions. These materials include books, magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, government documents, archival collections, audio-visual materials, and reference sources.

Many of the materials at libraries are secondary sources, which are historical accounts written after the events unfolded by someone who was not there. These types of sources often provide interpretation and analysis of historical events.

Unlike most libraries, The Library at NC Eats only provides reference sources. Reference sources provide basic information or facts and do not offer any interpretation or analysis of historical events. An example of a reference source is an encyclopedia, like Wikipedia. Most of the articles in The Library at NC Eats were taken in part or in whole from Wikipedia.

Some of the materials in libraries are primary sources, which are materials created during the time period under investigation. The Library at NC Eats does not include any primary sources. Instead, primary sources at NC Eats can be found in The Archive.

For more information about the difference between primary and secondary sources, visit The Classroom.